Making Money on the Internet – It’s As Easy As Playing a Game

Making money on the Internet can seem like a scary complicated task to those who have never done it. But to those who’ve accomplished fortunes on the Internet it doesn’t seem that hard. It doesn’t take as much work as you might think. The skills needed may already be within you. Every human can also be as creative as they want to be to accomplish something. Everybody likes to ‘create’ things.

If you’ve ever been good at a board game or a video game or if you’ve ever been good at solving puzzles it will be easier for you to understand the Internet game principle. The same drive that you feel when you want to win at a board game or finish a video game is present when making the drive on the Internet. The constant of making moves in your head and analyzing them and finding the moves that will take you the farthest. If you are one of these people I congratulate you on being ahead of the pack. You have developed mental skills not many people have. The only bad part is that you haven’t learned to use those skills somewhere else. But once you decide to conquer something you usually do. So now imagine if you set your eyes on conquering something you’ve always wanted but seemed out of reach. Once you make your subconscious mind decide what you really want there will be no stopping you.

Being creative is something every living human can do. I believe the only thing that would stop a human from being creative is fear. Fear of being made fun of, fear of being outcast because of being different, fear of being alone, fear of failure etc. Fear never gets you anywhere. Creativity is present since childhood but for some reason we are forced to stop being creative and start being real. What kind of bull is that? The happiest people in the world make money from their creativity so why do we stop being creative? The answer is probably because most people around us also stopped being creative and us being the average of our friends just went with the flow.

That brain rush you get when you solve the puzzle or get to the next level of a game is the same when you start figuring out the Internet game. The feeling of conquering something that was put there for that purpose. Its purpose is to be conquered and not all will do it. If you conquer it you will be amongst a few. Those are the feelings you get when desires in your subconscious mind gets satisfied. So if we know where desire resides, couldn’t we put some conscious desires there to conquer? The desired thing has to be something meaningful to your soul and it has to be big. The bigger the better. Big dreamers have always and will always shape the world.

The strategies you use to conquer a good video game or a puzzle can be applied to many different aspects of life including the game of making money on the internet. Creativity is a must for a happy human and one must also not blend in and not be seen but stand out and demand attention. The word impossible should not be in your vocabulary because absolutely nothing you want to do is impossible. Always dream big.

-By: Fernando Aguilera

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Internet Game Controlled By The Player’s Mind Is Focus Of New Emotional-Techno Novel


John Reyer Afamasaga

ET Fiction (2007)

ISBN: 9780980348613

John Reyer Afamasaga’s “WIPE” is the story of the video game named WIPE whose players’ thoughts are able to self-create the game while it is played. While WIPE acts like a virus, it also becomes a worldwide phenomenon and draws people together from across the globe in its fantastic power to entice people with its possibilities.

The process of how WIPE works is described in the novel in reference to the character Kevin and how he helps to create the game:

“He has some sort of vibe that WIPE feels and then it takes his idea and makes the level…It’s a chemical imbalance that is an ideal incubator for ideas. His brain activity equals the sum of neurons it takes to compose a file size recognizable by WIPE’s compiler, which it uploads through the controls and uses as the template for the rhythm of the logarithm, which then populates the base of the program, giving it its beginning, end, parameters and eventually its level.”

While WIPE the video game is at the center of the novel, the theme is also about the power of the human mind and the ability to turn a dream into reality.

The novel centers around three characters, beginning with the children, Polina Rada, an orphan in Russia, and her London pen pal, Alexvale Rokov III. Polina and Alexvale are not players of WIPE, but they are responsible for its creation. John Page is a player who has the opportunity to win in the online phenomenon that is WIPE as he finds insight into how it works. Meanwhile, the world’s largest video game manufacturers compete to discover who created WIPE.

The plot is somewhat convoluted, and as I stated when I reviewed Afamasaga’s novel “Illicit Blade of Grass,” the author is demanding of his reader’s close attention. Reading Afamasaga’s novels is often like being in a maze or being intoxicated by language. I find myself getting caught up in his writing style, enjoying the rhythm of his words, only to find the lyrical and hyperbolic style has distracted me from the plot. But the joy of the writing style is worth the distraction. Afamasaga is extremely fond of rhythm and repetitive sounds. He has stated in interviews that his writing is influenced by techno music, which he references in “WIPE.” He refers to his genre as Emotional-Techno (ET Fiction). Here are a few examples of his use of rhythm and repetition in the novel:

GEE-LEEZ’s ritual hexes the sexes.

L-SOMASTIC, the 23-year old-nurse in South Africa, advances with her needle dripping with techno, technically enhancing the fruit from the funk of sweating and bodies grinded.

…the passersby stop passing by to watch…

Afamasaga is equally good with humor and metaphor. More than once I found myself laughing out-loud. The fast-paced energy of his humor reminded me of Kurt Vonnegut’s style. Again, here are a few examples:

Her parents kissed with their eyes shut tight to burn calories.

Also involved are three respectable businessmen who can be traced to narcotics in the Golden Triangle and the trade in humans across the former USSR, London, and Asia.

On the ceiling-high screen, the nurse and her needle walk the slippery floors of a hallway in a hospital for insane billionaires who have seen the silver-spoon spaceship.

In talking about the language, I realize I have been distracted from discussing the plot. Afamasaga’s plots are highly original while relying on metafiction and intertextual techniques. His characters appear in multiple novels, although the books do not read as a chronological series. Notably, the LMLA-ink group (LMLA stands for Lazoo, Metofeaz, Le Mac, and Afamasaga) makes several appearances, and note that Afamasaga writes himself in as a character.

Afamasaga enjoys playing with the borderline between fiction and reality. Suspension of disbelief is a must-have for his reader, and just when the reader may start to think the book is an unsolvable maze, its humorous lyrical lines and fast-moving plot about to cross the threshold into a nonsensical Alice in Wonderland world, the author steps in to remind us he is in control and playing a game with us. At one point, he intrudes into the storyline to tell us he has decided to change the margins and font of the book when he is going to write a conversation:

“As they eat, the following is worthy of special formatting techniques, like the one used to present the same idea for those who prescribe on celluloid to enhance a vision. This format will be used again during the course of events as the scribbler sees fit.”

At other times, Afamasaga considers the possibilities of what another creator might do with his storyline:

If Tarantino were to recognize the riff, he would send Samuel L Jackson…complete with a bible chapter in a dialogued verse…

I am not a fan of most postmodern writers. I often feel their attempts to play with the reader reflect some insecure need to prove how clever they are, and in the process, they forget the real job of the writer-to entertain. I do not have that issue with Afamasaga’s work. I may occasionally find myself confused, but I am never bored. I never, as with other authors, have felt the need to tell Afamasaga, “Stop with all the mechanics about novel writing and get on with the story.” While his theme or purpose is not always crystal clear to the reader, Afamasaga is definitely one who enjoys words, writing not because he tries to be clever, but simply because he has so much fun-the sheer easy flow of many humorous passages reflects how much he enjoys his craft and how diligently he has worked to craft his words into ironic humor that flows effortlessly.

If anything is lacking in Afamasaga’s writing, it may be descriptive character development, and yet, he labels his writing “emotional-techno” fiction-intended to create an emotion in the reader. He easily creates the feeling of humor in his reader, but he can also make us feel something deeper: “From a place without any reference of being wanted, she recalls the way he made her believe in a home, a mom, and a dad.” The moment of feeling is quick, like a sad note in a joyful song, but it has its affect. As Afamasaga continues to develop his craft, I will be interested to see if his works come to create a significant catharsis in his readers–something I have no doubt he will learn to play with to his advantage.

I previously suggested “Illicit Blade of Grass” was a good starting point for reading Afamasaga’s works, largely because of its short length. However, I enjoyed “WIPE” even more both for its greater accessibility and its humor. I recommend the reader visit http://www.etfiction.com to download “WIPE” and Afamasaga’s other novels for free. The website includes several additional resources including a timeline of the novels’ events, press releases and reviews, and the intended development of future books that will compose this intertextual, fictional maze. Never before have I seen anything like these novels. I doubt you have either.

- Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of “The Marquette Trilogy”

-By: Tyler Tichelaar

Tyler R. Tichelaar holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Northern Michigan University and a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University. His family’s long relationship with Upper Michigan and his avid interest in genealogy inspired Dr. Tichelaar to write his Marquette Trilogy: Iron Pioneers, The Queen City, and Superior Heritage. Dr. Tichelaar is also a professional book reviewer and editor. For more information about Tyler R. Tichelaar, his writing, and his author services, visit:



Why Gamers Love Verizon FiOS Internet

Verizon FiOS Internet service is a great service for serious gamers to use because it gives gamers the speed and power that they need in order to take on the toughest challenges in the games they love. Gamers need the best Internet service possible in order to get the most out of their games. Gamers that play MMORGs and other games that are very graphic heavy need a huge amount of bandwidth and speed in order to be able to participate in high action adventures.

Most of the time traditional cable Internet connections just aren’t fast enough. Without an Internet connection like Verizon FiOS, your bandwidth might get swamped by all the graphics and popular internet games people love to play. Games can become frustrating and hard to play if the internet connection is not solid, resulting in internet connection interruptions because the Internet service that they’re using can’t sustain a high speed connection.

Verizon FiOS is different from cable Internet because it uses powerful fiber optic cables that run directly to your home instead of relying on traditional cables that use the same technology as old landline phone systems. Can you imagine trying to play one of today’s modern high intensity digital games or MMORG games on a dial up connection?

If you’re using an Internet connection that relies on the old framework of traditional land line phones, like cable Internet service, then you might as well be trying to play on a dial up connection. Modern video games are designed to play on fact and reliable Internet connections like the Verizon FiOS high speed internet service. The fiber optic cable used by Verizon FiOS acts like a huge pipeline that can accommodate massive amounts of information and data which make it much easier and more fun to game.

Gamers that play MMORGs like World of Warcraft and participate in group events and raids have to have the kind of power and speed that Verizon FiOS Internet service provides in order to get to the top of the game. When your fellow gamers are depending on you, a dropped Internet connection can mean the difference between winning the battle or everyone on your team dying.

In MMORGs, high level raids and battles can have as many as 20 people or more per side that are all doing battle at once. That can cause a lot of confusion and a lot of congestion on the network servers. If you don’t have a strong Internet connection that is going to keep you in the game, you could end up getting dropped at a crucial time which might end up making your team or guild lose the raid or the battle.

You can’t get to the elite level and participate in group events unless you have the reliability and strength of the best Internet service out there, which experts agree is the Verizon FiOS Internet service. Pro gamers recommend using an ultra powerful Internet service like FiOS if you want to get to the pro level as a gamer.

-By: Russell Blanc

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